We see “How Did It Happen?” as an open space where an exchange of experiences and ideas can take place to facilitate reflection upon and learning from the current crisis in Rigpa, as well as experiences from similar incidents in other Buddhist communities.

Deep listening, respect, and constructive dialogue are encouraged in the exchanges that take place here. Discussion and healthy debate are welcome when done in a spirit of openness.  Given the sensitive nature of the discussion, take a moment to review your comment and put yourself in other peoples’ shoes before you hit post.

Please avoid:

  • harsh speech
  • personal criticism or attacks
  • aggression
  • sensationalism
  • inflammatory speech
  • rumors and hearsay
  • trying to dominate the conversation through and excessive number of comments

Individuals who engage in these forms of communication may have their comments removed and could be blocked from commenting on the blog.

Please also note that comments that contain a link, which are often spam comments, are held for moderation and approval.  If your comment has a link and does not appear immediately, please be patient as it needs to go through the approval process to ensure it’s not spam.

There is a lot of pain and hurt all around.   Let’s acknowledge that and do our best to communicate with equanimity and treat each other respectfully.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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